Kate and Asim's Solomon Adventure

From the North Atlantic ... To the South Pacific! - Kate and Asim in the Solomon Islands!

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Library update

This page is especially dedicated to the ongoing work and commitment of Gill and Kevin towards this library! So here it is - starting to get regular use now - although I can hear Fred hammering away at the desk next door trying to finish the desk and partition in time for the arrival of the Shore School librarians to help complete the task of cataloguing and setting-up!




You can see some of the books at the Distributed Library Project ( http://dlp.theps.net/userinfo.php?user=Pamua&type=book )


library5_314 library7_314

Private reading and tutorials...


Books are up on shelves in subject areas but soon to be Dewey-fied by the Shore librarians!!!


Greg flicks through one of our stack of National Geographics


Thats us in front of our Teachers Resources area.

Lukim yu moa!


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