Kate and Asim's Solomon Adventure

From the North Atlantic ... To the South Pacific! - Kate and Asim in the Solomon Islands!


Term 3

We kicked off with a fabulous night of fundraising for the new Chapel. Students from Isabel province danced the night away to the sound of pan pipes and a massive $1000 was raised! The group also went to Waymaporu and Nukukysi

Welcome Back to our head boy Spencer, the Principal and Moffat who have just arrived back from Shore school in Australia. The school is a boarding school in Sydney that have become our ‘sister school’. Hopefully our visit will be the first of many exchanges between us.


I have been preparing and the students have
been rehearsing for this production of ‘IN-BETWEEN’ a play by Julian Treadaway
for some time. Last Thursday we put the show on, to entertain the guests that
had arrived for Graduation.

It was a tremendous success; the students
did amazingly so much so that a tour of Honiara
looks likely. We were very lucky to have the playwrite here and once back in Honiara he is going to
make some enquires! We have also been asked to perform at the Consecration of
the new Bihop of Hanuato’o so . .. “Watch this space!”


This is the first production of its kind
that Pamua has seen, hopefully it will be the start of many more to come...



Graduation 2007


The decision was made at a staff council to
hold Graduation before the exams due to concerns about the behaviour of
students once exams are over. Although this meant losing a whole week of exam
preparation time just before Form 5 exams started it was a good weekend of
celebrations which included the showing of In-Between on Thursday and the
official graduation ceremony, feast and dancing on Friday and Saturday.


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