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SINTA Strike!


When we first started work at Pamua in October 2006, there was a teachers strike going on organised by SINTA, the Solomon Islands National Teachers Association. There was a demonstration in Honiara but Pamua and other COM teachers were not taking part. At the start of Term 3 in July 2007 however, teachers at COM schools decided to join in for the unions demands for relevelling and new work conditions which had been promised by the Government.

This was partly due to the fiasco with teachers travelling allowances last Christmas where many teachers were stranded wothout transport means at the begining and end of the holidays. There was also a recognition that better working conditions would benefit all teachers so our solidarity was needed.

The strike lasted around 1 month but arrears of the new pay levels has still not been received by many teachers - including us at Pamua.


Although all teachers are paid by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, there is often confusion since many schools are run by churches. Teachers are mostly grossly under-resourced, under-trained and under-paid and conditions for teachers need attention if there is to be real progress at the so-called 'grass roots' so important for any 'Bottom up approach'

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