Kate and Asim's Solomon Adventure

From the North Atlantic ... To the South Pacific! - Kate and Asim in the Solomon Islands!


Term 2 – Spring/ Autumn 2007


There’s a hole in the Pot!

The disgraceful kitchen facilities
deteriorated to break point when the main pot got a hole. This caused one of
the students to get scalded on his foot so badly he had to be taken to Kira
Kira hospital. Students also had to use staff kitchens to prepare food for
around a week, until the School Admin arranged for new pots to be sent from Honiara.

Social Events

Student and staff morale was kept afloat by
the great Social events arranged every Friday by John Sotomana – with help from
Steve Mc Coy and many others including Asim and Kate! Here we have pictures
from the King and Queen event




with King Arthur and Queen Guinavere from Form 2, King and Queen of USA from
Form 3, as well as the King and Queens from Forms 4, 5 and 6.


Also some pics form the amazing Island
Night where the students got to show their custom dances from each of the
islands of the Solomon’s. We have this on video if you would like to see more,
get in touch at the usual email address!


Staff Room

p1060083_448 p1060094_407

Here some shots in the staff room. We have
no photocopier but we do have a new Reprograph machine which we must use for
all class notes, exam papers etc. All papers must also be sorted by hand.


Steve, Asim and Cornelius in front of the timetable.

p1060099_420 p1060092_448

Kate and Ham - Kate, Cornelius and John



The Canteen did well with the Form 3 students making a profit of $400


The new building work goes on with Steve MaCoy and the RTC
students doing some practical work on-site.

Form 6 Hula

p1060184_448 p1060187_448


We ended the term with a feast and hula for
Form 6, which forms 3 and 5 also joined in. The students prepared the feast
themselves – despite torrential rain they all pulled together and made an
incredible effort. Speeches were given and then we all joined in with the




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