Kate and Asim's Solomon Adventure

From the North Atlantic ... To the South Pacific! - Kate and Asim in the Solomon Islands!

Xmass / New Year 2007

Holidays in the West

Winter Solstice time in the Northern Atlantic is in fact Summer solstice here in the South Pacific.
But Christmas and New year are of course at the same time!

We took our break over in the stunning Roviana Lagoon, Western province, at Zipolo Resort on Lola Island.


Tosga picked us up from Munda Airfield along with Adi and Johan (see pictures below) who we had just met on the plane from Honiara. We were taken by canoe to the serene Zipolo resort on Lola Island.

There are hundreds of islands in the lagoon. Bikiki island was our favourite and the only other people on it were a shark hunter and his adopted assistant.


Christmas Day

We spent Christmas at Zipolo. Ramona, the daughter of resort owners Lisa and Joe, drove the canoe over to the nearest little chapel. Once there we were made very welcome by the Roviana Lagoon Womens Association at a beautiful mass in the Roviana language.

We returned to Zipolo for a glorious Christmas lunch with the extended Zipolo family, including rogue yachties Pierro and Napoleon.

Boxing day was dedicated to more relaxation. Here's Kate getting some canoeing practice in Napoleon's custom made canoe.


Adi's birthday

We toured the lagoon for Adi's birthday

Adi and Johan

Here we are at a warrior skull shrine and one of the amazing trees of the tropical rainforest.


Napoleon's birthday!

It was karaoke for Napoleon's birthday!


New Years Eve!

Getting ready - Benjy does Kate's hair while Will, Fiona and Colin sit about and tell stories


Happy 2007!!!

Back to Makira

and the truck fails the last hurdle - the steep bank of the last river between Kira Kira and Pamua.
Hours later and it's back to multi-tasking!

Home again to no electricity and stacka work to do! To make things worse, Kate developed a really painful, itchy and all round bad case of eczema on her hands, so we had to go back to Kira Kira to the Hospital.
Once there we found there is no Doctor at Kira Kira hospital for the next month or two, so
we tried our luck with anti-histamines.
A 3 day course had no effect so we emailed pictures to our friends Jessica and Matt in Germany as well as to
Interhealth, the mission experts - who separately diagnosed it as eczema - so many thanx to u all!!! Unfortunately, Kira Kira Hospital were out of stock so we couldn't get hold of the medication recommended.
Luckily, Kingsley Elias - our private kustom doctor was at hand - literally.

He advised that Kate had been cursed in the Western Islands using Pela majik. Someone had probably fed some of her left overs to a snake - hence the scaling effect on her hands. Since Kate never leaves any left-overs we doubted this, until we remembered that we had some things stolen from us on News Years Eve - all belonging to Kate... well, it all makes sense now... and the rash cleared up after Elias had treated it with Holy Oil and the smoke of a special tree as revealed to him in a dream.



Many thanxxx - we are both really grateful to all the support we continue to receive during our times of need!

Also big up Rob and Lizzi for sorting out our new website - HIM BARAVA GOOD TUMAS!!!

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