Kate and Asim's Solomon Adventure

From the North Atlantic ... To the South Pacific! - Kate and Asim in the Solomon Islands!

Holiday Season - Weeks 6 & 7

Holiday / Cyclone/ Crab Season... and lots of new friends

Mothers Group Closing Ceremony

The Mothers Group event to mark the end of term was really nice, with a great tradition of gift giving - first from all parents to their children and then the mothers gave each other presents.

Its also been Crab season. Heres George who had been crab hunting! Crabs come out at 3 times in the year, when the full moon is very low in the sky so you have to catch them at exactly the right time!!! We made some parathas to go with them!

Long house blong me two falla!... Fred's been putting up shelves and our library/study/office is nearly ready!

Here's George, Fred and Simon getting comfy with the books. Next we all cram in for a cinema night where we watch Animal Farm.

Mercy, Sylvia, Joy and Stanford have become a delightful part of our day, usually just as sun goes down and the electricity (and the lap top) comes on we here a little knock at the door.

We spent most evenings drawing pictures and dancing around to children’s songs sung and played by Caroline Chan. Kids just love her music all over the world!

We planned a visit to the "island" (otherwise known as ‘the resort!’) with Simon and Elizabeth our neighbour teachers who hail from Santa Anna (Owu Hara). Our first attempt in this small canoe was a bit of a disaster, but just as well as Kate got really ill that day. Later in the week we used the school canoe to go out there for the day.

It’s white sand, clear turquoise gorgeous sea and complete remoteness (no one lives there) made it a really special day out. Some of us played in the sea all day, others made sculptures and ‘art’, some caught oysters whilst others cooked our delicious lunch! We have never tasted fish quite so fresh! Some people also pretended to be Kate with their new hairstyles!

Unfortunately many of the friends we have made will not be here next year. The teachers postings will come out next week but we know that many people will be moved to different schools. Here Kate and Mercy sit relaxing in between dances at the end of term family meal. We danced and danced to the same songs over and over but with a different partner each time. No one was allowed to sit and watch. it was GREAT!



Our new house mates

This beautiful spider has been there for quite a while and has not moved! We say "she" as we think she may be pregnant!

... and with Kate here is our other new house mate, newly named Cloto in memory of the Butt family cat Chloe and Kate’s dearly loved family cat Toto who died a few years ago. We love Cloto very much (or Kyoto), especially as she turned up the day after we were woken up to a very…BIG….RAAAAAAAAAATT! (our other less welcome new housemate)

Journey to Wasu - crossing the Wayraha

We asked Fred where we could get some vegetables as we had run out. He took us to his Aunties fantastic allotment /shup shup garden. We had to cross 2 rivers! And then the rain started poring and pouring! We never imagined a trip to get some tomatoes could be quite such an event! We had been apprehensive about crossing the Wayraha (In Makiran "Way"="Water", "Raha"="Big") since it is home to crocodiles! However the crocodile lives at the river mouth and we crossed inland. It was really our first 'walkabout' and we are sure there are many more adventures to come!


This will probobaly be our last entry until the new year so Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!!

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