Kate and Asim's Solomon Adventure

From the North Atlantic ... To the South Pacific! - Kate and Asim in the Solomon Islands!

Week 5

23 - 29th October 2006


The journey from Honiara
By plane...

Honiara airport - view of the school from the sky - Landing on Makira island at Kira Kira

...and then by canoe with some fellow staff...


1. Welcome you Kate and Asim (Welcome you)
Welcome you to Pamua College (Welcome you)
Welcome you in the name of the Lord.

2. Honoured, privileged we are (Welcome you)
To have you as our new teachers (Welcome you)
Welcome you to the school of the rising sun.

How small and poor we are (Welcome you)
Pride and joy are ours today. (Welcome you)
Welcome you in the name of the Lord.


1. We congratulate you
We congratulate you
We congratulate you, Kate and Asim
Oh deep in our hearts, Congratulation
Congratulation to you today.

2. Mifala happi tumas
Mifala happi tumas
Mifala happi tumas, Kate and Asim
For one wetem mifala
Long Pamua College
Mifala happy tumas tude.

...to our home in Pamua

Sam (principal), Kate and George (neighbour and fellow Economics teacher) outside our house.
(We have Papaya, limes and pineapples growing just around the front and it is also just a minute from the beach!) After dropping us here they left us to unpack. When we woke we were accompanied down to the chapel where all of the students were waiting to greet us. After principal Sam had given a welcome speech, the students sang us these songs and 'Way blong you him nice' Philip lead 3 Hip Hip Hoorays, we were both moved to tears but instead of letting our emotions run wild, we had to stand up and make a speech. We Were unprepared, overwhelmed, but so encouraged by such an unbelievable reception - we really will never forget this morning.

We've already become really fond of our house and have decided to stay put despite a newer and bigger place being prepared for us. We currently have a spare bedroom, if anyone wants to visit... as well as a study/library being prepared, our little bedroom, kitchen, living room and veranda. We've also got a cook-house outside but we just use it to dump our rubbish, which is then burnt or buried.

Fred from a local village has been the most welcoming member of the community, bringing us bags of vegetables, coconuts, fruits and other useful supplies to help us settle in. He made us a coconut scraper which he is demonstrating here. He's currently working on the shelves for our library.. but the recent heat wave has put a stop to any labour for a few days.

Pamua is a boarding school so the walk to class is just a few minutes walk- here’s Kate going over the little Coconut tree bridge on the way to work.

The local market

Fred's mother-in-law Noylene is pictured with Kate at the market, which is at the end of the beach. We go there most mornings hoping to catch a bowl of rice and fish stew and other delights.

Speech day and Graduation

students prepare a roast for the feast!

The Principal and Bishop Johnny Cooper - Kate awarding prizes! - Avis of the DLC gives a talk

Opening of the Distant Learning Centre

Peter from People First! and Bishop Johnny Cooper at the official opening. See http://schoolnet.net.sb for more on this groundbreaking project.

The Feast and entertainments

We had the most amazing four rowed feast after the ceremony in the church. Again we were asked to make a speech but this time we had the whole school, parents and the neighbouring communities as our audience. We were asked in front of everyone to speak right there on the spot. That was quite a nerve wracking experience. A whole afternoon of entertainment followed by the students. All in all an exhausting and hot day

Trip to Nukakysi for the Ordination of Father Robert

Walking through the bush with Gravis, the Bursar and other crew - The newly ordained priest delivers Holy Communion - A busy week for Bishop Johnny Cooper who is still recovering from illness

Asim and Julian Treadaway wade through a river on the walk through the village - A typical Tikopian house, notice the half size doors and low roof to protect from cyclones. It is the customary design and etiquette not to stand fully upright indoors, thus you craw on bend when entering, exiting and inside.

And finally down to revision for this weeks final exams!!!

Here are some Form 6 English students doing some last minute reading on our veranda.. and then relaxing on the beach.


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