Kate and Asim's Solomon Adventure

From the North Atlantic ... To the South Pacific! - Kate and Asim in the Solomon Islands!

Week 4

16th - 22nd October 2006 

Eid Mubarak - we got malaria!

At first it seemed we were just tired from the previous week’s activities.
We had successfully got year 6 and 7 through their end of term Computer Studies
assessments and mock exams. We had also got all of our luggage packed and
sent off by boat to Makira. We had to spend a day buying necessities for
our new home – luckily John helped us round the shops seeking out
the best prices. Honiara is quite expensive, even for us who are used to
London prices – It really must be difficult for those who have never
had the benefit of London income!

On Friday Asim went to the St. Nicholas Speech Day on his own as Kate was too ill to accompany him. But once he got there and gave the Form 6 mock exams fully marked back to Jill the Form 6 tutor, he returned home as he too was beginning to feel poorly. Kate had a sore throat and felt feverish, although she did not have a temperature. Asim on the other hand was slightly woozy and had stomach cramps.

Later that day Kate felt well enough to go into town to get some
more provisions, while Asim accompanied a member of the United Nations
Development Project team to the local mosque – a small hut in
the forest, for Friday prayers. He had been passed on the contact by
Ray Davis, the British Deputy High Commissioner, so that he could remember
his family in time for the Eid-Ul-Fitr celebrations. As Eid was due
on Monday and we were due to fly that day, the last chance to socially
visit a mosque would be today.

When Asim returned he found that Kate
had been taken to a private Doctor by RAMSI Police, having been taken
ill at a local supermarket. When he caught up with her she told him
that she had tested positive for Malaria. They both returned to the
doctor so that Asim could get tested too and he also tested positive,
but for a different strain – Kate has P.Falciparum and Asim
has P.Vivax

While Vivax requires a longer dose and treatment, Falciparum is the more serious and disabling. So after a hellish first few days and nights, which meant that we were unable to go to Makira as planned on Monday, Asim has been able to play around with computer graphics while his wife recovers!!! The first night of illness was the worst as both of us were struck with the malaria, with severe headaches, vomiting and fever. In the day, however, we were given great help and care from the St. Agnes Mothers Union Transit staff Betsy, Ellen and Annie as well as other guests such as Alan, our local treasure hunter, the COM Education Secretary Moffat who bought us fresh fish and fruit and lovely Leslie from the Australian Board of Mission Development team. A big thank you to one and all!!

One good thing is that this has happened before we got to the remote location of Pamua and we now know the telltale signs of Malaria. We also have news that our house is now ready in Pamua and are booked on a flight to leave Honiara next Monday. We are both almost 100% again and hope to report from St Stephens next week!

Quite by chance, today we just read a message from the Medical Foundation in London, detailing how refugees around the world have no access to malaria treatment. Please contact them for further information about how you can help the situation.

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