Kate and Asim's Solomon Adventure

From the North Atlantic ... To the South Pacific! - Kate and Asim in the Solomon Islands!

Week 3

9 - 15th October

St. Nicholas High School and St. Agnes Mothers Union Transit

Students at St. Nicholas / A few of our Form 7 class after submitting their assignments to the University of the South Pacific / Chatting on the road to school

Most of our efforts have been spent at St Nicholas school this week. We were given the task to get year 6 and 7 through their final assessments, assess them and prepare them for their end of year exams next week. The students have been wonderful and are so eager and hardworking. We managed to get everything completed by Friday's deadline but are quite exhausted now. The students happily work from 8am through till 2pm without a break. We on the other hand will not try to encourage this again as we have really noticed it ‘effecting’ our state of minds and we can not afford to get too grouchy with one another!

Kate and Annie having a cuppa in the Kitchen / Kate with Father Ian and his wife Jill

This week we have been in the east wing and lovely Annie has been looking after us. Unfortunately water has been mostly off but luckily we only drink rain water which is plentiful as it rains every day or so. There is a huge tank at the back of the transit which supplies us and we have been using this to sponge down and wash dishes. We are certainly going to appreciate a shower though... when it comes back on!

Kate grinding a coconut on the coconut grinder!!! / Justin George the family cook!!/ Lester and Justin show Asim how its done!

Fortunately for us, the carvers of Marovo, (Leicester and Justin and the George crew, also staying at St Agnes) took us under their wing and we’ve had the privilege of eating with them each night. We would decide the night before what we were going to cook, divide the ingredients up to collect and then we would spend the evenings learning the secrets of Solomon cooking.

Our evening feasts at St. Agnes Transit


We really enjoyed our evening’s together, exchanging stories and learning some of each others customs. Ordinarily, they would eat separately from their ‘guests’ who would have the first sitting but we were taken into the family and so we all sat together.

Sitting round the laptop checking choonz / A still from a DVD showing Solomon Island singing group

They had a DVD of the Adventist Youth Conference from 1985 and one from Honiara called ‘Love Shines In’ which featured choral groups from different islands singing beautifully! We all huddled around and watched and then later we showed pictures of all our family and friends we miss so much. Asim also sat with the younger guys till late whilst they listened eagerly to some of the East London Hip Hop, Jamaican Ragga and some of our favourite Bhangra R’n’B that Asim had brought with him. They loved it so much they dashed into Honiara at 10pm to find some blank CDs so we were able to burn them some. We hope to visit them in Seghe Village in Morovo at Christmas.

Congratulations to those who guessed that the above picture shows Kate cocooned in a mosquito-proof vest - however, tune in for Week 4 to find out how we failed in our fight against the blood sucking menace - who still tracked down our fresh London blood. We will send a prize as soon as we are well!!


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