Kate and Asim's Solomon Adventure

From the North Atlantic ... To the South Pacific! - Kate and Asim in the Solomon Islands!

Week 2

2nd-8th October 2006

Around Honiara

Here are some pictures of scenes around Honiara, The Mothers Union House St.Agnes Transit (where we are staying) and some of the people we reside there with. This week RAMSI were conspicuous around town due to the planned "vote of no confidence" which was due on Friday. The vote has been postponed for another week...

Our view from the rest house

George the Morovan Carver and schoolteacher

Alan the Treasure Hunter

Preparing for lessons

View of Parliament

Street-bins all colourfully painted

Another rainy day

RAMSI outside the COM HQ

Buying a watermelon at the market

St.Nicholas Open Day

Moffat has arranged for us to take some classes at St. Nicholas. These will be mainly Form 6 and 7 in Computer Studies, Social Studies and English, while we await our accommodation to be readied at Pamua. Here are some pictures of their Open Day on Saturday. The guest of honour was Guvernor General. The event was mainly to celebrate 20 years primary and 10 years secondary school education.

Primary children at the speeches

The Principal arrives

Standing up for the National Anthem

Cutting of cake

The dignitaries on the stage

Children leaving the hall

Children at the opening ceremony

The Governor General arrives

Florence and Kate

The Amazing Reggae Panpipers from Isobel

A Primary classroom

The field full of music

Julian and Asim

A Senior (Form 6) Classroom

Senior - form 6 Economics and History students.

Outside the national museum

John explained these pictures to us.

The first is a Melanesian picture showing conflict resolution using the traditional type of shell money.

The second is a Polynesian sacrifice and the third is a Polynesian picture of a mother Octopus.

Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!!! More soon!

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