Kate and Asim's Solomon Adventure

From the North Atlantic ... To the South Pacific! - Kate and Asim in the Solomon Islands!

Our typical menu

Our Typical Solomon Menu

Popo (papaya) with 1 of the 135 varieties of banana with mango or pineapple and monkey nuts if we are lucky
for a treat, we have peanut butter and jam on a cracker (or2)

Rice with green beans, egg plant, baby tomatoes, spring onions and soy sauce
if we are lucky and the women have come from the village to the market, we have:
Rice with noodles and kamarra (root vegetable, in this case sweet potatoes) with fresh fish or minced meat. (delicious!)

Rice cooked in coconut cream (see Kate in week 2 or Fred in week 5) with beans and egg plant, spring onions and tomatoes, green peppers and sometimes fresh chilli! With dried garlic and pepper and chilli powder (bought in Honiara)
the same but with either boiled kamarra or mashed kamarra in coconut milk.

So when we are not attending one of the feasts this is what we eat!

We have tried to make yoghurt but to no avail. We intend to make coconut biscuits as soon as we get to Kira Kira to buy some flour! Recipe to follow if they are successful!

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