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Appeal for urgent work for maintenance and health and safety

Following Jana Howlett’s generous donation of 30 copies of Dracula, we are changing the focus of our appeal to concentrate on some of the very poor conditions for the health and safety of our students here at St. Stephens Pamua.

After being here for over a month now we have been able to assess some of the real needs of the students. Sanitation is an urgent problem, especially since the only student toilets are in the Form 6 girls dormitory, which is itself in urgent need of repairs. The rest must go to the opposite points of the beach.

The only showers are stand-pipes in the fields. While this and the toilet situation is perfectly hygienic practice in the villages, where numbers are small and the sea current washes all waste out to the sea, here at Pamua the concentration of people, as well as misuse and privacy issues, makes this into a health and safety issue.

Dorms here are in a very bad state of repair, being destroyed by termites and general lack of funds for maintenance and repair.

Form 6 Girls dorm:

Boys dorm:

Another cause for concern is the kitchen. This tiny room is all there is to feed 500 students daily and the lack of food has been a real cause of hardship for the children here. Many have had to drop out before completing their studies due to the lack of food:

These factors combined, nearly caused the school to close in 2004 due to an out break of dysentery. Please contact us if you would like to make a donation to help with improving these conditions.

We are forming a working group of people from the neighbouring communities to assist the school maintenance team. A full report with accounts will be published on these pages, once we get enough funds to begin making concrete plans. Please contact us to make a donation - any amount large or small would be greatly appreciated - we have other maintenance needs such as painting the class rooms, which is an immediate priority so as to improve the students immediate living and working conditions.

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